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Bodegas Gómez Aguirre S.A.Bodegas Gómez Aguirre, S.A., is a company located in Alcanadre, a small village in La Rioja which is mainly known for its wines. The winery is located next to the train station. The firm also owns a warehouse in the town of Ausejo.

Bodegas Gómez Aguirre, S.A., is a family concern that has been passed on from parents to children since 1930 and is currently in its fourth generation.

It was founded by Angel Gómez, a man with a wide business vision and great working capacity. He was familiar with the world of wine since childhood, as winemaking was the family tradition. Later, he handed over the business to his son and daughter in law, Dionisio Gómez Aguirre and Clara Martínez San Juan. They expanded the business with the help of their three children and the family firm was named Bodegas Gómez Aguirre, S.A.

Bodegas Gómez Aguirre S.A.Initially, the winery made its own wine on its premises and with time it began to purchase wine from private individuals. These wines were always carefully selected, to ensure that the bodega could offer a uniform, top quality wine. The company thus went from making wine to storing and distributing it.

When purchasing wine, the selection process employed is exhaustive. The wines chosen must have the quality, alcohol content and colour that bests suits our clients’ tastes. The company’s commercial policy is to offer the same type of wine year round, always with the same high quality.

Currently, Bodegas Gómez Aguirre, S.A. focuses on marketing table wines —bottled and bulk— throughout Spain.

Bodegas Gómez Aguirre S.A.To summarise, Bodegas Gómez Aguirre, S.A., is the result of the joint effort of a family rooted in a winemaking tradition that has combined tradition and modernity in the world of wine. This is achieved by employing state-of-the-art technology to produce a select product of superb quality. We are also certain that there is a need for wine for daily drinking that is affordable for household economies yet maintains the quality and elegance that complements an appropriate lifestyle.

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